Facilities - Department of Earth Sciences,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Facilities at Department

1. Earth Station

Description: NOVA Satellite Earth Station for receiving NOAA-AVHRR images

2. Fluid Inclusion Stage

 Description: Linkom THMSG 600 – Heating-Freezing stage is fitted  or C Nikon Pol Microscope for geo thermometric data generation of mineral scopes

3. Engineering Seismograph

Description: Used for shallow seismic survey for estimation of bedrock depth and velocities in different layers



(1) TRITON TI mass spectrometer

(2) Class 1000 Clean Room (Column Chemistry for Rb-Sr & Sm-Nd techniques)

(3) Sample Preparation Lab (Jaw crustier, Disc Mill, Ball Mill, Frantz isodynamic Separator,  Mica Separator, Heavy liquid Separator 

5. MT

Description: Metronix Magnetotelluric system and software

6. Gravimeter & Magnetometers

Description: for gravity and magnetic surveys

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