Mukhopadhyay Sagarika - Department of Earth Sciences,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Mukhopadhyay Sagarika
S. Mukhopodhyay Professor +91-1332-285563
Areas of Interest
  • Seismology, Seismic Tomography, Study of Attenuation and Anisotropy, Surface Wave Analysis, Engineering Seismology, Seismic Hazard Microzonation, Near Surface Studies
Professional Background
2009-01-01OngoingProfessorIIT Roorkee
2003-01-016 years Associate ProfessorIIT Roorkee
1996-01-017 years Assistant ProfessorIIT Roorkee
1990-01-016 years LecturerIIT Roorkee
Multiple Posts
2020-01-01Member Departmental Faculty Advisory CommitteeIIT Roorkee
2020-01-012 years Member Departmental Administrative CommitteeIIT Roorkee
2020-01-011 year Chairperson Departmental Research CommitteeIIT Roorkee
2019-01-013 years Member Departmental Faculty Search CommitteeIIT Roorkee
2017-01-012 years Chairperson Departmental Academic Program CommitteeIIT Roorkee
2011-01-011 year Member Departmental Academic Program CommitteeIIT Roorkee
Honors and Awards
Cox Visiting Professor, Blaustein fellowshipStanford University2018
P.K. Bhattacharyya Memorial Award for best student of Dept. of Geology & GeophysicsIIT Kharagpur1981
Educational Details
Ph.D.SeismologyUniversity of Roorkee 1990
MSGeophysicsUniversity of New York at Stony Brook,N.Y. U.S.A.1983
M.Sc.Exploration GeophysicsI.I.T. Kharagpur1981
B.Sc. (Hons.)Earth SciencesIIT Kharagpur1979
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyStart DatePeriod
Third Party Inspection of CIBMS Projects Patch-I and Patch-II at JammuBorder Security Force2019-01Ongoing
Detecting near-surface voids/tunnels with multicomponent seismic data. Phase–I: A feasibility studyBorder Security Force2018-012 years 7 months
Three Dimensional Seismic Structure and Seismicity in the Himalaya RegionDST-RFBR2013-017 years 7 months
Deep Structure and Seismicity in Southeast Asia: Northeast India and Andaman-Nicobar regionDST-RFBR2010-0110 years 7 months
Modelling and estimation of strong ground motion parameters aimed at seismic risk reductionDST-RFBR2008-0112 years 7 months
Site response from ambient noise measurements in and around DelhiAll India Council for Technical Education1999-0121 years 7 months
Present seismic status and earthquake process models of Garhwal Himalaya regionDST1992-0128 years 7 months
Modelling of earthquake source and earth structure in the Garwhal Kumaun Himalaya region using broadDST1997-0123 years 7 months
Estimation of Moho velocity in the Shillong massif region, northeastern IndiaOffice of Dean Research & Industrial Liaison, University of Roorkee1992-0128 years 7 months
Participation in seminars
NamePlaceSponsored ByDate
International Symposium on Deep Earth Exploration and PracticesBeijingPDA2018-01
American Geophysical Union ConferenceSan Francisco, USAPDA2020-08
American Geophysical Union ConferenceSan Francisco, USAPDA2014-01
European Seismological Commission - 33 ConferenceMoscowPDA2012-01
Rock Deformation and Structure (RDS) 3DibrugarhPDA2014-01
Rock Deformation and Structure (RDS) 2LucknowPDA2012-01
Engineering Geophysics and GeohazardsCBRI, RoorkeeCBRI2012-01
14th SEE-2010 on Earthquake EngineeringRoorkeePDA2010-01
International Training Course on Seismology, Seismic Data Analysis, Hazard Assessment and Risk MitigPotsdam, germanyUnited Nation2001-01
Twelfth Symp. On Earthquake EnggRoorkeePDA2002-01
Workshop on Recent Earthquake of Chamoli and BhujRoorkeePDA2001-01
International Conf. On Seismic Hazard with Particular Reference to Bhuj Earthquake of Jan. 26, 2001New DelhiPDA2001-01
8th Symp. on Earthquake Engg.RoorkeePDA1986-01
  • National Geophysical Research Institute, Member of Research Council
  • American Geophysical Union AGU, Member
  • Geological Society of India, Member of Editorial Board
  • Indian Society of Earthquake Technology , Life member
  • Association of Earthquake Seismologists AES, Life member
  • Indian Geological Congress , Life member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
SeismologyESN 325IMT GPT IIIrd YearAutumn
SeismologyES 357IMT GPT IIIrd YearAutumn
SeismologyES 622Applied Geophysics IInd yearAutumn
Seismic ProspectingESN 324IMT GPT IIIrd YearSpring
Seismic ProspectingES 354IMT GPT IIIrd YearSpring
Seismic ProspectingES 814IMT GPT IIIrd YearSpring
Seismic ProspectingES 632Applied Geophysics IInd yearSpring
Advanced Seismic ProspectingESN 581IMT GPT IVth YearAutumn
Advanced Seismic ProspectingES 474IMT GPT IVth YearAutumn
Advanced Seismic ProspectingES 814Applied Geophysics IInd yearSpring
Geophysical Signal ProcessingES 355IMT GPT IIIrd YearSpring
Geophysical Signal ProcessingES 621Applied Geophysics IInd yearSpring
Advanced SeismologyESN 472IMT GPT IVth YearSpring
Advanced SeismologyES 817Applied Geophysics IIIrd yearSpring
Engineering GeophysicsES 827Applied Geophysics IIIrd yearAutumn
Introduction to GeosciencesES 201Institute ElectiveAutumn
Seismic StratigraphyES 828IMT GPT IVth YearSpring
SeminarES 458IMT GPT IVth YearSpring
SeminarES 651Applied Geophysics IIIrd yearAutumn
SeminarES 634Applied Geophysics IIIrd yearSpring
SeminarES 623Applied Geophysics IInd yearAutumn
SeminarES 663Applied Geophysics IIIrd yearAutumn
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
M.Tech. DissertationMradula Vashishtha
M.Tech. DissertationKarukola Bharat
M.Tech. DissertationUpendra Kumar Gupta
M.Tech. DissertationJaisheel Sharma
M.Tech. DissertationPrateek Kumar Jha
M.Tech. DissertationRachit Rajan Bagade
M.Tech. DissertationSujay Sule
M.Tech. DissertationAshish Mittal
M.Tech. DissertationNikhil Srivastava
M.Tech. DissertationVipul Panwar
M.Tech. DissertationDivya Nidhi Srivastava
M.Tech. DissertationNikhil Singh
M.Tech. DissertationAayushi Garg
M.Tech. DissertationAarushi Bagga
M.Tech. DissertationNongmaithem Menaka Chanu
M.Tech. DissertationNaresh Kumar
M.Tech. DissertationKumari Anjali Singh
M.Tech. DissertationVikas
M.Tech. DissertationVedvrat
M.Tech. DissertationSagar Singh
M.Tech. DissertationPreetika Srivastava
M.Tech. DissertationPoonam Kumari
M.Tech. DissertationMayank Khirwal
M.Tech. DissertationHarpreet Singh Sethi
M.Tech. DissertationGargiy Sharma
M.Tech. DissertationAreeb Usmani
M.Tech. DissertationWagh Saurabh Dilip
M.Tech. DissertationTupkar Sagar Vinay Kumar
M.Tech. DissertationDishant Singla
M.Tech. DissertationOjaswita Singh
M.Tech. DissertationAmit Patra
M.Tech. DissertationTanya Kothari
M.Tech. DissertationSiddtharth Kejriwal
M.Tech. DissertationPravesh Jain
M.Tech. DissertationManisha Gupta
M.Tech. DissertationAlkesh Goyal
M.Tech. DissertationLavika Aggarwal
M.Tech. DissertationYashvardhan Verma
M.Tech. DissertationSiddharth Saxena
M.Tech. DissertationShiv Pratap Singh
M.Tech. DissertationSachin Mangal
M.Tech. DissertationNawaz Khan
M.Tech. DissertationAnkit Khaitan
M.Tech. DissertationAkhil Prabhakar
M.Tech. DissertationAbhinav Kumar Singh
M.Tech. DissertationAnkit Kuchchal
M.Tech. DissertationShalini Singh
M.Tech. DissertationBirinder Singh
M.Tech. DissertationSanjay Tiwari
M.Tech. DissertationAnkit Kumar
M.Tech. DissertationChirag Tyagi
M.Tech. DissertationDebi Prasad Das
M.Tech. DissertationDeepa
M.Tech. DissertationSatyabrata Mishra
M.Tech. DissertationSurabhi Darmora
M.Tech. DissertationAshish Gaur
M.Tech. DissertationShipra Malik
M.Tech. DissertationSatender Saini
M.Tech. DissertationAnuj Kumar
M.Tech. DissertationSurendra Kumar Dass
M.Tech. DissertationAshwani Dev
M.Tech. DissertationPriyamvada Singh
M.Tech. DissertationBasanta Kumar Pradhan
M.Tech. DissertationRajesh Kumar
M.Tech. DissertationSandeep Jain
M.Tech. DissertationBrijesh Kumar Singh
M.Tech. DissertationRobin Massey
M.Tech. DissertationDeboshree Kundu
M.Tech. DissertationMahavir Singh
M.Tech. DissertationGiriraj Sirohi
M.Tech. DissertationAbhash Kumar
M.Tech. DissertationAshish Chauhan
M.Tech. DissertationRajiv Ranjan
M.Tech. DissertationPriyabrata Pradhan
M.Tech. DissertationShonkholen Mate
M.Tech. DissertationSabyasachi Dash
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Date
Crustal Investigations in Garwhal-Kumaun Himalayas: Velocity tomography and QcJyoti SharmaO2003-01
Seismic Response of a Viscoelastic LayerSumana BasuO2004-01
Quantification of Seismic Regimes in Kangra-Chamba Region of Himachal HimalayaNaresh KumarO2004-01
Seismic Imaging of the Subduction Structure Beneath the Andaman-Nicober Islands Using Regional EaSohini Roy (submitted at JU)O2008-01
Local earthquake tomography and attenuation characteristics of NE Indian RegionDeepika PandeyO2009-01
Subsurface d Bay of Bengal using Surface waveAmit KumarO2011-01
Geodynathe basis of earthquake tomographyJaved RaoofO2011-01
Seismic travel time tomography and attenuation studies for Indian regionRabin DasO2013-01
Surface wave tomography of NE India using Love Wave of regional earthquakesNongmeithem Maneka ChanuO2018-01
Joined inversion of surface wave and Receiver Function using teleseismic arrivals for estimation Neeharika ShuklaO2018-01
A generalized study on time imaging workflows for thrust and fold beltsShubhra Pratim DasO2019-01
Visits to outside institutions
Institute VisitedPurpose of VisitDate
Stanford University, USAInvited as Cox Visiting Professor at Department of Geophysics, Stanford University, USA 2018-01-01
Department of Geology, Oklahoma State University, USA Visit related to BSF project2018-01-01
American Geophysical UnionPresented paper in AGU conference in Dec. 2016 in San Francisco, USA2016-01-01
Russian Academy of Science at Novosobirsk, Russia Visit for DST-RFBR project “Three Dimensional Seismic Structure and Seismicity in the Himalaya Region” 2016-01-01
American Geophysical UnionPresented paper in AGU conference in Dec. 2014 in San Francisco, USA2014-01-01
Russian Academy of Science at Novosobirsk, Russia Visit for DST-RFBR project “Three Dimensional Seismic Structure and Seismicity in the Himalaya Region” 2014-01-01
Russian Academy of Science at Moscow, Russia Moscow visit for DST-RFBR project and to attend ESC-33 conference2012-01-01
Ehime University, Matsuyama, JapanInvited by Prof. Dapeng Zhao, Director, Geodynamic Research Center, Ehime University, Matsuyama, Japan for comparison of tomographic analysis of Latur aftershock data using his and Thurber’s technique for a period of about 3 and a half months2004-01-01
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (GFZ), GermanyTo attend “International Training Course on Seismology, Seismic Data Analysis, Hazard Assessment and Risk Mitigation” with specialization on “Microzonation, Risk Assessment and Disaster Management” organized and conducted by GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (2001-01-01
UPSC, New DelhiFor taking interview in New Delhi for UPSC 2019-01-01
Institute of Petroleum Engineering in VisakhapatnamFor taking interview 2016-01-01
ISM Dhanbad For taking interview 2016-01-01
UPSC, New Delhi For taking interview 2013-01-01
School of Oceanographic Studies, Jadavpur UniversityFor taking interview 2007-01-01
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun For taking interview 2006-01-01
Cox Visiting ProfessorStanford University2018-01
Participation in short term courses
Couse NameSponsored ByDate
International Training Course on Seismology, Seismic Data Analysis, Hazard Assessment and Risk United Nations2001-01
National International Collaboration
Seismotectonic investigations of the Himalayas and surroundingsStanford University
Three Dimensional Seismic Structure and Seismicity in the Himalaya RegionSiberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia
Collaboration with Prof. Priyank Jaiswal (VAJRA fellow) on near surface tunnel detection Oklahoma State University
Collaboration with Oklahoma State University, USA on near surface tunnel detectionOklahoma State University
Deep Structure and Seismicity in Southeast Asia: Northeast India and Andaman-Nicobar region DST-RFBR
Modeling and estimation of strong ground motion parameters aimed at seismic risk reductionILTP
Seismic tomography using P and S phase data and surface wave analysis to study earth's velocity and anisotropy structureWadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
Seismic wave attenuation characteristics of various parts of IndiaIIT Kharagpur
Refereed Journal Papers

55. Das, R., Mukhopadhyay, S., 2020. Regional variation of coda wave attenuation in Northeast India: An understanding of the physical state of the medium. Phy. Earth. Planet Int., 299: 1-13.

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48. Raoof, J., Mukhopadhyay, S., Koulakov, I. and Kayal, J. R., 2017. 3-D Seismic Tomography of the Lithosphere and its Geodynamic Implications beneath the Northeast India Region. Tectonics, 36: 962-980, doi:10.1002/2016TC004375.

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