Saha Lopamudra - Department of Earth Sciences,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Saha Lopamudra
Lopamudra Saha Assistant professor 01332285343
Areas of Interest
  • Petrology, Geochemistry, Tectonics, Metamorphic Petrology including pseudosection analyses, Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Archaean tectonics
Professional Background
2009-01-011 year Post-Doctoral Research FellowUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa
2010-01-012 years LecturerUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa
2013-01-01OngoingAssistant ProfessorIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Multiple Posts
2017-01-01OngoingFaculty in charge, SEM LabDepartment of Earth Sciences, IIT Roorkee
2015-01-01OngoingOC New Microscope LabDepartment of Earth Sciences, IIT Roorkee
2015-01-01OngoingOC Petrology LabDepartment of Earth Sciences, IIT Roorkee
2015-01-01OngoingOC Section Cutting LabDepartment of Earth Sciences
Educational Details
PhDGeologyIndian Institute of Technologh Kharagpur2008
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyStart DatePeriod
Palaeoarchaean evolution of the granitoid-greenstone terrains in South Africa and IndiaUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa2010-0110 years 7 months
Archaean Crust forming processes from North-western IndiaIITR2013-017 years 7 months
Collision of Singhbhum Craton with Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt.........DST2014-01Ongoing
Central Seismic Gap in Garhwal-KumDST-FIST2016-01Ongoing
Cenozoic geodynamics of Higher Himalayan Crystalline Rocks MOES2018-01Ongoing
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Crystallography & MIneralogyESN-522MSc first yearSpring
Metamorphic PetrologyESN-303GLT 3rd yearAutumn
Metamorphic PetrologyESN-522MSc first yearSpring
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
Origin and alterations of the supracrustal units from the Palaeoarchaean Witrivier area, SE KaapvaalMiss Zanele
Palaeoarchaean tectono-metamorphic events from the Dwalile granitoid-gneiss- greenstone beltMiss Nokukhayana Mtalana
Shear Zone nucleation in Archaean potassic granite from Bundelkhand craton, central India: constrainSudhakar Sahoo
Metamorphic evolution of Bhilwara supracrustal rocks from Rajasthan, NW IndiaNibedita Rakshit
Origin of Archaean Potassic granite from Bundelkhand craton, central India: constraints from geochemSaheli Sarkar
Corundum formation in white schist from Bundelkhand cratonJayjit Banerjee
Tectonic evolution of Bhilwara supracrustal rocks, North-West India: constraints from structural andAbhishek Prakash (presently pursuing PhD at University of Texas)
Geochemical and structural characteristics of Archean granitoids from E-W trending shear zones in ceAnkit Bhandari (presently pursuing PhD in University of Western Ontario, Canada)
Constraining P-T paths from the metamorphic rocks of Higher Himalayan Crystallines along the Dhauli Suryaprakash Lahoti
Titanium substitution in biotite: a thermometer applied to constrain temperatures from proterozoic mHarshit Verma
Titanium substitution in muscovite: application to estimate p-t conditions from archaean white schisRishav
Research Scholar Groups
Scholar NameInterest
Ambik KumarPetrology and Geochronology
Anuj Kumar SrivastavaPetrology and Geochronology
Visits to outside institutions
Institute VisitedPurpose of VisitDate
Perth, Western AustraliaOral and Poster Presentation at Evolving Early Earth, 5th International Archaean Symposium, Perth, Western Australia. 2010-01-01
Field tripOral presentation and field visits in Archaean terrains during the Field Workshop, Early crustal evolution of southeastern Kaapvaal craton in South Africa and Swaziland.2010-01-01
PragueOral and Poster presentations on Archaean tectonics from Bundelkhand and Kaapvaal Cratons at the Goldschmidt Conference, Prague.2011-01-01
Books Authored

1. Nasipuri, P., Saha, L., Xie, H., Pati, J.K., Satyanaryanan, M., Sarkar, S., Bhandari, A., Gaur, Y.: Palaeoarchean crustal evolution from the Bundelkhand craton, north-central India (in press; submitted for a chapter in Earth’s Oldest Rocks, 2nd edition, Elsevier).

Refereed Journal Papers

1.Prakash, A., Piazolo, S., Saha, L., Bhattacharya, A., Pal, D.K., Sarkar, S., 2018. Deformation behavior of migmatites: insights from microstructural analysis of a garnet–sillimanite–mullite–quartz–feldspar-bearing anatectic migmatite at Rampura–Agucha, Aravalli–Delhi Fold Belt, NW,India. International Journal of Earth Sciences (

2. Prakash, A., Saha, L., Petrik, I, Janak, M., Bhattacharya, A., 2017.  Metamorphic evolution of Palaeoproterozoic anatectic migmatites in the eastern part of the Aravalli-Delhi Fold Belt: constraints from thermodynamic modeling and monazite dating, Geological Magazine (doi:10.1017/S0016756816001242).

3. Bhattacharya, A., Das, H.H., Bell, E., Bhattacharya, Atreyee, Chatterjee, N., Saha, L., Dutt, A., 2016. Restoration of Late Neoarchean–Early Cambrian tectonics in the Rengali orogen and its environs (eastern India): The Antarctic connection, Lithos, 263, 190-212

4. Saha, L., Frei, D., Gerdes, A., Pati, J.K., Sarkar, S., Patole, V., Bhandari, A., Nasipuri, P., 2016. Crustal geodynamics from Archaean Bundelkhand Craton, India: constraints from zircon U-Pb-Hf isotope studies, Geological Magazine 153, 179-192.

5. Saha, L., Hoffmann, A., Jele, N., Harris, C., 2012. Paleoarchaean sea floor alterations and metamorphism of pillow basalts from the Nondweni Greenstone Belts, SE Kaapvaal Craton, South African Journal of Geology, 115, 259-282.

6. Saha, L., Pant, N.C., Pati, J.K., Upadhyay, D., Berndt, J., Bhattachrya, A., Satynaryan, M., 2011. Neoarchaean margarite-phengitic muscovite-chlorite corona mantled corundum in quartz-free high-Mg-Al phlogopite-chlorite Schists from the Bundelkhand Craton, north-central India, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 161, 511-530.

7. Saha, L., Hoffmann, A., Xie, H., Hegner, E., Wilson, A., Wan, Y., Liu, D., Kroner, A., 2010. Zircon ages and metamorphic evolution of Archaean Assegaai-De Kraalen granitoid greenstone terrain, South East Kaapvaal Craton, American Journal of Science, 310, 1384-1320.

8. Bhowmik, S.K., Saha, L., Dasgupta, S., Fukuoka, M., 2009. Metamorphic phase relations in orthopyroxene-bearing granitoids: implications for high pressure metamorphism and prograde melting of continental crust, Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 27, 295-315.

9. Saha, L., Bhowmik, S.K., Fukuoka, M., Dasgupta, S., 2008. Contrasting episodes of regional granulite facies metamorphism in enclaves and host gneisses from the Aravalli-Delhi mobile belt, NW India, Journal of Petrology, 49, 107-128.

10.Sikdar, P.K., Mondal, S., Saha, L., Sarkar, S.S., Banerjee, S., 2002. Environmental Impact Assessment of a proposed info-tech complex in East Calcutta Wastelands, The Environmentalist, 22, 241-260.

11.Sensarma S., Banerjee, M., Saha, L., Udayganeshan, P., 2006. Art of Petrography: Eyes of a petrographer and mind of a petrologist, Current Science, 91, 154-155.


Conference Abstracts

  • Prakash, A., Saha, L., Sarkar, S. (2016): Origin of peak and retrograde assemblages during Grenvillian orogeny from garnet-staurolite bearing mica schist of Bhilwara Supergroup, NW India: constraints from pseudosection modeling, EGU, Vienna (poster presented).


  • Bhandari, A., Nasipuri, P., Saha, L., Pati, J.K., Sarkar, S., Purohit, R. (2016): Interplay between grain size reduction, chemical reaction, and shear localization in lower crustal rocks: a case study from Archaean Bundelkhand Craton, North-Central India, EGU, Vienna.


  • Sarkar, S., Saha, L., Satyanaryanan, M., Pati, J.K. (2015): Fractional Crystallisation of Archaean Trondhjemite Magma at 12-7 Kbar: Constraints on Rheology of Archaean Continental Crust, EGU, Vienna.


  • Sarkar, S., Patole, V., Saha, L., Pati, J.K., Nasipuri, P. (2015): Mechanisms for strain localization within Archaean craton: A structural study from the Bundelkhand Tectonic Zone, north-central India, EGU, Vienna.


  • Saha, L., Sarkar, S., Rakshit, N., Nasipuri, P. (2014): Evidence of pre-Gondwana tectono-thermal event from the Bhilwara Supracrustal units of Rajasthan, north-west India, EGU, Vienna.


  • Sarkar, S., Saha, L., Nasipuri, P., Pati, J.K., 2014: Late-Archaean potassic granite from the Bundelkhand craton, central India, EGU, Vienna.


  • Sarkar, S., Sahu, S., Saha, L., Pati, J.K., Nasipuri, P., 2013: Rheology of the Archean crust: a structural-deformation based study from the Bundelkhand craton, north-central India, ESICET, IIT Roorkee.


  • Saha, L., Pati, J.K., Nasipuri, P., 2013: Origin of corundum in the high magnesium-aluminium phlogopite-chlorite schist from the Bundelkhand craton, north-central India, ESICET, IIT Roorkee.


  • Rakshit, N., Saha, L., 2013: Metamorphic evolution of the Bhilwara supracrustal rocks, Rajasthan, ESICET, IIT Roorkee.


  • Saha, L., Hofmann & A. Xie, H., 2012. Archaean evolution of the Singhbhum Craton: constraints from new metamorphic-geochemical data and SHRIMP zircon ages, Craton 2012 (Oral presentation).


  •  Saha, L. & Hofmann, A., 2012. Formation of Archaean TTGs during lower crustal melting of mafic rocks: constraints from P-T pseudosection analyses, European Mineralogical Conference (Oral presentation).


  • Mtalana, N.E., Saha, L., Hofmann, A. & Frei, A Palaeoarchaean metamorphic event from the Dwalile greenstone belt, SE Kaapvaal craton, 2012, IMSG(Oral presentation).


  • Pati, J.K. & Saha, L., 2011. Mesoarchaean tectono-metamorphic event from Bundelkhand craton, central India, Goldschmidt Conference (Oral presentation).


  • Saha, L., Hofmann, A. & Xie, H., 2011.  Prograde P-T path of a ~3.2 Ga tectonometamorphic event from Assegaai greenstone belt, SE Kaapvaal craton, Goldschmidt Conference (Oral presentation).


  • Saha, L., Hofmann, A., Xie, H. & Hegner, E., 2011. A Palaeoarchean high pressure metamorphic event from SE Kaapvaal craton, The Colloquium of African Geology, South Africa, 23rd (Oral presentation).


  • Saha, L., Hofmann, A., Xie, H. & Hegner, E., 2010. Tectono-metamorphic history of some greenstone belts of SE Kaapvaal craton, Evolving Early Earth, 5th International Archaean Symposium, Perth, Western Australia (Poster and Oral presentations).


  • Saha, L., Hofmann, A., Xie, H. & Hegner, E., 2010. A 3.2 Ga high-grade tectono-metamorphic event recorded from the Assegaai, De Kraalen and Witrivier greenstone belts, southeastern Kaapvaal craton, Field Workshop, Early crustal evolution of southeastern Kaapvaal craton in South Africa and Swaziland (Oral presentation).


  • Raith, M.M., Saha, L., & Bhattacharya, A., 2009. The origin of sapphirine-cordierite intergrowths in an iron/alkali-free Mg-Al granulite from the Eastern Ghats Belt (India), Poster presented in DMG Meeting at Halle (Oral presentation).



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